Booth Hill Demolition Ltd is registered by the Environment Agency as a waste carrier and have our very own fleet of vehicles, machinery and skips so we can tailor to each individual projects requirements.

As a company objective, we segregate all waste materials in order to maximise the quantity of salvageable/recycled materials, which generates an achievable 90% recycling rate of all our operations onsite, which is usually exceeded.

Recycling this percentage of our materials has benefits for us as a company aswell as the environment; all primary aggregates sent to landfill incur a charge per tonne by law (which increases in cost each year), this is completely avoided if we recycle the materials.

Some of the methods of our recycling processes are as follows:

• Reclaimed building materials are sold back into the industry for re-use.

• Undamaged household/ commercial items during strip out phases are sold to dealers for re-sale.

• Glass is taken to a glass recycling centre.

• Plastics are taken to a waste recycling centre.

• Plasterboard is taken to a waste recycling centre.

• Wood is taken to waste recycling centres.

• Scrap metal is taken to metal recycling centres etc.

• Suitable concrete is crushed on site where possible and re-used for backfilling etc.